Stepping down as NEventStore coordinator

I can't remember exactly when it happend, but for the last few years at least, I have been the core maintainer / coordinator of NEventStore. Built by Jonathan Oliver and just known as EventStore at the time (not related to the other EventStore), it provided me and many people with a really easy way to get up and running with event sourcing. For unknown reasons the core maintainers back then stepped back and since I was heavily invested in it, I offered to take it over.

Since then it has gone through a rename, 2 major versions and a bunch of minor releases. In that process I learned a lot about running an OSS project and connected with a lot of cool and smart people. This is something that I would highly recommend to any developer looking to get into OSS.

In the last 12 months or so I haven't been responsive enough to the community, issues, pull-requests, google group etc., and it's time to make a statement. While I'm fairly stretched time wise, the core reason is that as I've as learned to build event sourced systems over the years, NEventStore's current design no longer works for me. While I'm using GetEventStore in some scenarios, I still, and will continue to, have a need for SQL backed event stores. How I'd like to see and interact with such stores is significantly different to how NEventStore currently works. I could mould NEventStore into how I'd like it to be but then the changes would very likely alienate people and break their stuff. Thus it's best that I head off in my own direction.

If you are vested into NEventStore and would like to take over and run a popular OSS project (nearly 800 stars and 250 forks on github, and 10's of thousands of nuget downloads), please reach out to me :)